​sunshine baja

yoga.accommodation.holistic center

Sunshine Baja was known before as Raíces y Brazos, and it was a place that brought the community of San José del Cabo together. It was a pioneer for sustainability, organic living, yoga, and workshops. Raíces y Brazos ended a few years ago and now, life brings us here; we don´t know how or why, but we are here.

We are three friends that are as family as you are. We are silly, sensitive and open hearted. We don´t know anything about business, marketing or publicity but we recognize love, the universal love that we all are and we want to share it with the community.

Our vision is to bring this place back to life and to fulfill what it was created for. This place is home, home for those who want to share a space with beautiful people from all around the world, those who want to celebrate, learn, play, sing, practice yoga, rest, meditate, paint, dance and co-create a community that serves our infinite being.

We invite you to come and share your sparkle with us, with the community. Let’s shine together like the Sun ... like your inner sunshine.