The ATS tribal dance is a belly dance style for women, who cooperate with each other, who accept themselves and you enjoy dance without prejudice. One of the great characteristics of the style is that is danced through group improvisation. With this type of dance you develop flexibility and strength in your body, undulating movements full of magic, and a capacity to perceive and connect with the present moment and with the people who are on your same path. You learn to free your mind and flow!

There are no choreographies to remember,  just learn to trust that together, with practice and with love we can flow into a magical world full of pure present, calm and happiness.

* All Levels

No experience required.

saturday 10:00 am

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The Breath Circle is an open and balanced self-practice of your own breath, flowing as a relaxed and continuous wave. This full respiratory breathing technique enhances the flow of oxygen and life force (prana) throughout the body and mind, slows down the patterns of the brain and the nervous system and cultivates a high vibrational frequency; facilitating vibrant health, mental and emotional clarity and a liberating connection with our higher self.