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want to know more about our YOGA ? 

Sunshine is created for your growth, that is why we provide an environment of warmth, safety and joy where your mind can be calm so you can relax and let your heart flourish.

May this space be full of love and happiness.  May the people who come here feel welcome and loved.

We love each person that walks trough our doors!

Thank you for coming along and growing with us!



If you’re new to yoga, then welcome! You’re about to embark upon a life-changing journey into a new you.

The key is consistent and regular practice, you’ll be surprised how your body will feel different.

Here are some tips to get into your yoga practice:

- Let the teacher know you’re new, and if you have any injuries

- Wear light-weight stretchy clothing for better movement
- Hydrate well before and after the class
- Avoid eating a big meal 2 hours before class
- Take your time, be gentle to yourself, don’t push beyond your limits
- Ask questions! Our teachers are there for you

- Enjoy your practice and have fun